Why are you selling the property?
We are property liquidators: Our entire business is about selling.

Why are your properties so cheap?
We specialize in finding undervalued property, negotiating deals with large portfolio owners, and purchasing the properties for extremely low prices. The low prices are then passed on to our buyers.

What condition is the house?
Any house listed on our website is likely in poor condition, has title issues, or both, and is being sold for land value only. We have very little information and buyers must conduct their due diligence. Houses may be condemned, dilapidated, or even non-existent (demolished). We get our information from public records which may be outdated, inaccurate, or wrong.

Can I make an offer, but pay later?
You can negotiate a small deposit now, then pay the rest at closing.

What title company do you use?
Title companies typically only work with clients who buy insurance from them. Nonetheless, we work with multiple notary agencies to prepare the deeds for our buyers. Our network of independent notaries can meet almost anywhere nationwide, if it's preferable to buy in person instead of online.

Can I go see the land?
Yes, go and inspect at your convenience - no appointment needed. Be aware and respectful of another property owner's rights. Access may be subject to the rights of adjacent owners, occupants, etc.

Can I go inspect the house?
Because of the poor condition of structures and countless potential hazards (including mold, collapsed roofs, missing floors, broken stairs etc.), no individual inspections are allowed. You are limited to exterior inspections only, and we encourage this. If a property is occupied (regardless of owner, tenant, or squatter,) that occupant has rights to defend their property against intruders. DO NOT force entry into or onto any property (house or land.)

Can I have a tour?
We deal with a large volume of property sales and don't offer personal tours.

Do you owner finance / take monthly payments?
No, not at this time.

Are you the owner?
Yes. We hold either partial or full equitable interest to all of the properties on the website. We are not middle-men or wholesalers.

Does it have a clear title?
We don't search the title and therefore cannot guarantee clear title. Although a property may have liens or other title issues, it's not uncommon for liens to be negotiable, or outdated (for example, the lien-holder no longer exists.) All of these uncertainties are factored into the low price. A "Quiet Title" action in court is suggested to resolve title defects (if any exist).

Is it a flood zone?
FEMA is the government agency that designs the flood maps in the USA. Their website will tell you if a particular property is in a flood zone.

Is it zoned for...?
You can find out by calling the city zoning department, or by having a survey done.

Are there utilities / well / septic?
If a home previously existed on the lot, then utilities were also likely there at some point. However, repairs might be necessary before building. You can find out for sure by having an inspection or obtaining a survey.

How much are taxes and are they current?
Property taxes accrue per day, so at least some amount will be due. The tax collector can help calculate the exact amount due as of today, and they can also tell you the amount annually.

Is there a warranty?
No, our properties are sold AS IS.

Can you change the contract for me?
There's a section within the contract where you can add your own terms. The terms are negotiable.

What are some other risks with buying land?
1. Land may be in an HOA or improvement district. Therefore, fees may be associated with this type of neighborhood.
2. City utilities may be unavailable. This would require installation of a well, septic, etc.
3. Sometimes it's difficult to find the exact location of vacant land. We might estimate the location using a nearby house number, so buyers have a general reference point to use for GPS navigation. Other times, we might predict the location using parcel maps with similar parcel numbers. You can have a survey done at any time to find the exact location.
4. There may be boundary disputes with neighbors, or land may require an easement to access. These issues might be negotiable with adjacent land owners.
5. We may estimate land size using the metrics of nearby parcels. A survey can also provide the exact size and dimensions.

We welcome your other questions, but the Buyer must be responsible for gathering sufficient information to make a final decision. Most questions can be answered through independent research or by hiring a professional (lawyer, surveyor, etc.)